Sophie lives in the East Bay with her husband and two young children, both of whom speak Chinese better than she ever will.

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Celebrating Asian Heritage in San Francisco

Ever since he saw his first lion dance, my son has been obsessed, regularly using a blanket over his head and an impromptu drum to dance around our living room, pawing the ground, jumping up, and performing acrobatic feats just like the real thing. This year he had a chance to be part of a real lion dance at his school which was one of the most exciting moments in his five-year-old life. Outside of the celebratory two week Lunar New Year period, lion dances are usually few and far between, but this weekend in San Francisco is a chance to again partake in the fun. The Asian Heritage Festival, Saturday from 11-6 outside the Civic Center, will kick off with a Lion Dance troup, and will also feature a variety of performers, vendors, and more. Find more information here and see their ad below:

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