Gluten-Free Groceries at Walnut Creek Target!

If you shop at the Walnut Creek Target, you may have noticed the store undergoing renovations over the past few months. In addition to updated looks for many of the departments, they are expanding the grocery section to increase their offerings and include a wider variety of fresh foods.

Though the grocery department is still undergoing renovations I was pleasantly surprised, on a recent Target run, to see the addition of many gluten-free products to their shelves. This is great news. I typically make a Whole Foods run every other week or so to stock up on gluten-free products; it’s nice to know I can pick things up at Target in between those bigger shopping trips.

Some of the gluten-free products I saw on Target’s shelves included:

  • Pamela’s gluten-free baking mixes
  • Betty Crocker gluten-free baking mixes
  • Annie’s gluten-free macaroni and cheese
  • Glutino snacks
  • various brands of rice crackers
  • EnviroKidz cereals and crispy rice bars

The new products are shelved by product type rather than in a dedicated gluten-free section. I’m most excited about the crackers and EnviroKidz products. Now I can buy all of my kids’ lunchbox snacks in one place!

The Walnut Creek Target is located at 1871 Main Street. (925) 979 – 0083.

Has your local Target store started to carry more gluten-free products? Post the location in the comments!

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