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Giving Back…It’s Already November?

Some of you may remember the post I wrote in August about the idea of “giving back” as I was inspired to do more all while turning the big 3-0.

Love the idea, loved the accountability of the post, and then the month of September happened.  Did you read my post where I knocked out everyone on Southwest in the head with my Britax as we were out of town three weekends in a row?

Excuses, excuses.  It was a busy month, and I was running around just trying to keep up with what was going on.  But another little problem that I was having was that I was overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by the idea of what to do, and who to help.  Newsletters from non-profits would come in the mail, I would see ads on television, even my alma mater, the University of Arizona (go Wildcats!) dialed me up for dollars.

And who did I want to help?  EVERYONE.  It was overwhelming.  And Sarah McLachlan making me cry every single time that prevent animal cruelty ad came on wasn’t helping.

But as I sat paralyzed by what to do during the month of September AND the month of October, I knew that by not making a decision, I wasn’t helping anyone.  So it’s time to saddle up and get back on the giving horse.  Consider this the month of September.  The month of October will also be playing catch-up very soon, and the month of November…hey, I still have at least two more weeks.

For the month of September, I decided to donate to the Bay Area Crisis Nursery.  The Bay Area Crisis Nursery has been up and running for the past 29 years.  The main goal of  the Nursery is to prevent child abuse by offering a safe, 24 hour, homelike environment for children, ages birth through twelve years of age.  There are twenty beds for children between the ages of zero and five, and six beds for children between the ages of six and twelve.  The Respite Care Program in addition to the Nursery, offers two to four day stays that are designed to help support families after a crisis.  They receive no money in government funding.  This is the only crisis nursery in it’s geographical area, and services are provided at no charge to clients, and it is funded only through private donations.

The thought of a family in crisis and the fear that comes with not having a safe place for your child to stay is a nightmare for any parent to consider.

My “giving back”  idea  puts life into perspective and serves as a reminder to be grateful for all of your own blessings.  And being able to help others at the same time is a blessing in itself.

Stay tuned for a speedy turnaround on my already tardy October Giving Back!

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