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Not being able to communicate your thoughts and needs would be frustrating for anyone. There are several forms of low tech and high tech devices that can potentially open up a world of communicative possibilities for people with autism who are also verbally limited.
One of those devices is the iPAD. While not the most inexpensive of options, the iPAD is definitely worth being researched to see if it could be the right communication choice for you and your family.

Some helpful communication Apps I have looked into or been told about are (some are free, others vary in price)…..

*Proloquo2Go – full-featured communication for people who have difficulty speaking
*Autism Xpressgames to help broaden emotional spectrum
*LookInMyEyes – practice looking into faces and eyes
*Model Me Going Places 2watch real kids model behavior in various social situations
*TapToTalk – customizable communication app
*Sentence Builder for iPADpractice building grammatically correct sentences
*Story Builderincludes audio clips to help improve auditory function
*Question Builder for iPADincludes audio clips to help auditory processing
*MyTalk Tools Mobileaugmentative, alternative communication
*iCommunicate for iPADallows you to creative visual schedules, routines, communication boards, etc.
*iDress for the Weatherwith a little local positioning and personalization, iDress helps connect the day’s weather with the clothing type needed for the day (or night).
*Alexicom AACevidence-based augmentative, alternative communication with words and phrases
*AACSpeechBuddy-quickly and easily create PECS speech sets

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