Great Gluten-Free Gifts for the Holidays


Looking for a gift for the gluten-free friend or relative on your Christmas list? I have several on my own list, so I’ve made it something of a hobby to find unique gifts to give in any situation. Here are some of my favorites that I have come across this year.

The hostess gift: You really can’t go wrong with a box of See’s handpacked chocolates. Pretty much everyone loves See’s. (See their website for a list of their retail locations.) Most of their individual chocolate pieces are gluten-free; a list of those that are not can be found here.

The Stocking Stuffer: Etsy shop Medical Alert sells pins, key chains, patches, and zipper pulls that alert others to variety of medical conditions. I like their “gluten free” zipper pull. You can attach it to the zipper of a hoodie, backpack or lunch box to remind everyone your child has a gluten intolerance.


Gluten Free Zipper Pull available at Medical Alert's Etsy store


For the cook: The rising popularity of the gluten-free diet has given way to some great gluten-free cookbooks. Three of my favorites are

For the crafty kid: Everybody loves playdough, but most homemade and name brand varieties are made with wheat. Which can be a big problem for kids whose skin reacts to gluten (not to mention those kids who can’t quite resist a little taste). MamaKs, an Etsy seller based out of Seattle, makes a line of gluten-free play clay in a fantastic array of colors and scents. If somebody gave this to my celiac kid I would be touched to know that they actually took the time to find a safe-for-celiacs playdough.

Sweet stuff: I’ve been seeing Hammond’s candy canes everywhere: Whole Foods, World Market, BevMo . . . my kids are fascinated by them and I have to admit, they do look far more delicious than your run-of-the-mill candy cane. These beautiful, retro-looking candy canes and handmade and come in a ridiculous amount of flavors. I think I will stick with the classic peppermint, though the more adventurous among you may want to experiment with bolder flavors like apple pie or chocolate filled raspberry.

For the gourmet: You know what is gluten-free and awesome? Cheese! Okay, I guess it is not so awesome for celiacs who also avoid dairy but for those of us who don’t, cheese is awesome. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is one of my favorites. I’m just sayin’, I wouldn’t say no to their Classic Collection. I would serve it at my New Year’s Eve party (after cutting off a good-sized wedge for myself and hiding it in the back of the fridge).

The big ticket item: If you have the money to spare for a special loved one, a bread maker is a god-send. I make most of my gluten-free bread and the bread maker helps me make a perfect loaf every time (unlike my oven).

Remember, always check out the order deadline/shipping information if you are ordering from an online retailer!

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  1. Rachael Herrscher 12/09/2011 at 11:45 am

    Breadmaker is such a good idea!