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Trader Joe’s Grocery Store Love

If you’ve ever gone grocery shopping with a newborn and a two year old; you know it isn’t easy.  My son loves going to the grocery store; so I make it one of our weekly activities.  Trader Joe’s is great for him as they have those miniature carts so he really gets to do the shopping. Yes; it takes twice as long and I have to watch and make sure he doesn’t hit someone’s ankles; but it is worth it as he seriously has some love for this grocery store.

This week started off fine.  His grocery cart was full of goodies (I push an “adult-sized” cart for all the heavy items). We were in the freezer aisle picking up some waffles, and all of a sudden, he turns the cart quickly and it topples over. Groceries go flying, my son is on the ground, and the cart is now broken.  My first worry was his safety- he was fine. My next worry was his reaction. I jumped quick and put him in my cart and he was surprisingly fine.  Other moms came to my rescue and helped me pick up his groceries and put them in my cart. One of the moms walked by me and told me I looked like a really cool mom.  I thought to myself, “wow”.  I never hear things like that. When I am out it’s usually, “you sure have your hands full” or “did you know your baby is missing a sock?” It was so nice and refreshing to receive a compliment. I walked away from the “accident” feeling pretty good. Thank you to that mom out there and thank you to Trader Joe’s for always being a VERY kid friendly place to shop. No one gives us bad looks when it takes my son an hour to unload his cart. Everyone just smiles and understands.  Kudos to you TJ’s….

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  1. Anastasia @ eco-babyz 01/30/2012 at 10:33 pm

    I completely agree! We do most of our food shopping there, about 90% and I never got bad looks about being there with an infant and 3 y.o. She loves the carts! All the people are always super nice.