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Working Out and Staying Hydrated While Pregnant

When I was pregnant with one and battling morning sickness, I still managed to walk the neighborhood, dribbling spit like Hansel and Gretel with their breadcrumbs.  I couldn’t bear to swallow, since my own saliva made me gag—a charming condition known as ptyalism and not all that uncommon to those with severe nausea.

So, with twins on board, and my salivary glands working overtime again, I figured a little exercise would help.  I had been running 2-3 times a week before I got pregnant, why not see if I could still manage a short run here and there.
Why not?

Because building people and feeling sick around the clock will knock the moxie out of you.  I tried a couple of times to go out for a run and all but once felt like I’d been kicked in the solar plexus, unable to catch my breath. Walking may be my pace for a while— that is, until it turns into waddling.

During weeks six and seven, trying to brush my teeth and get out the door was enough of a challenge.  My digestive tract seemed to be working in reverse, and my appetite had bipolar disorder.  One minute, I couldn’t get enough of Trader Joe’s Honey Nut O’s, and the next, even drinking a glass of water made my stomach squirm.  Apparently I had what’s known as ‘water aversion,’ and so I tried every other kind of fluid—Vitamin Water in fruit punch flavor (a less chemical version of Gatorade, and apparently good for hangovers, too, just in case that should ever apply now that I’ve graduated from college), apple juice, cranberry juice, lemon seltzer water or any combination of the above.  I would rather die than drink another ginger brew.  When I finally dragged my greasy, lethargic and swelling butt into the shower one night, I discovered the fluid my body had been craving—warm tap water.  I stood under the showerhead and let it pour all over my face as I gulped it down.  I didn’t question, I just drank.  It was not the time to ponder the deep and tangled mysteries of pregnancy hormones.

Drink more water photo by: Carlos Porto

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