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The New Childrens Museum of San Diego

When I was in San Diego for BlogHer ’11, I walked past The New Childrens Museum of San Diego and knew that when my family joined me in San Diego for Thanksgiving, I’d be taking my daughters to that museum.

It’s interesting to me when I talk to people about these fantastic kid museums, how the knee-jerk reaction often is, “oh, my kid will never like that, it’s too much like school.” We love these kid museums because they are not like school at all. Perhaps when we were kids museums were those “look, don’t touch, don’t speak” bastions of text information, but not so anymore. Childrens museums are fantastical, educational, playful areas that even adults like me enjoy. If you look at the web address for The New Childrens Museum of San Diego, you’ll see it says, “think, play, create.” Three things I love to do with my daughters.

As you walk into the museum your senses are instantly engaged with the audio system. Inside it’s for you to explore at your own pace, and includes classes, projects, activities scheduled at various times within the museum. You can tell that this museum is what it professes. It is a celebration of art and children. With the incessant march of public education priorities snubbing art, it’s so wonderful to find areas where our children can be exposed to creativity outside of the boxed-in school room.

The current exhibit is all about Trash. It was fascinating. They have artists who have installed exhibits for the kids, highlighting fascinating information about trash, recycling, and living as responsible citizens. There were all sorts of recycled materials, often considered trash, refashioned into pods for kids to listen to stories, a giant slide, mazes, and spectacular art creations.

My daughters participated in making a piece of art out of discarded recyclables. It’s the Midden exhibit, and their creations will be in the museum for two years. They even have their names on the artist wall. For me, it’s quite exciting to see. Your kid can have their name up there too.

Midden Art Contributors at The New Children's Museum of San Diego


The New Children’s Museum of San Diego is located at 200 West Island Avenue in downtown San Diego. The museum is open Mon-Tues and Fri-Sat from 10am to 4pm, Thurs 10am to 6pm, and Sun 12pm to 4pm. The second Sunday of each month is free, sponsored by Target, and is open 10am to 4pm. General admission is $10 for adults and children.

Outside of the museum, just across the way is an enclosed play ground, with a sand box. After our visit, I let the girls do even more playing. They are never exhausted, and always ready for exploring and discovering. I can’t wait to find our next fabulous museum.

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