Teen Safety Skills Event

On Tuesday, May 29th, a people safety skills workshop for teens and young adults with special needs will be held at Support for Families, 1663 Mission Street, 7th Floor, SF, CA. Teens and young adults with special needs, as well as their parents and caregivers are invited to attend.

This Teen Power Event is sponsored by Support for Families ( and the Kid Power program ( Such topics as dealing with peer pressure, managing emotional triggers, making safe choices, saying ‘No” effectively, and getting help from adults will be discussed.

For more information, you can contact Joe Goyos, Support for Families Education Manager, at (415) 920-5040 ext. 118. Interpreters and childcare are available upon request.

For more information on the workshop content or to find out how to schedule such a workshop, you can contact Kidpower at (800)467-6997 ext. 1 or go to their direct website.

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