Lots and Lots of Videos to Keep Your Child Happy

One of my son’s latest fascinations is with airplanes. Trucks are a close second. The slightest sound of an airplane overhead or a truck driving up the street, and he races to the window with excitement. The only problem is, once the plane or truck disappears out of sight, he wants see them again, quick, fast, and in a hurry. Of course,their reappearance cannot be guaranteed, so he gets a bit upset and impatient.

For awhile, having him watch the short airplane and truck videos on YouTube, helped to solve this problem, but the short lengths of the videos quickly got on his nerves and he lost interest. Then one lovely day, a commercial came on advertising a DVD all about airplanes. He ran to the TV with the same speed and enthsiasm as he did when he ran to our front window; I knew I had to own that DVD.  Since receiving it, it has become his absolute favorite. And it does seem to help at those moments when he can’t see the real deal outside.  Even the music on the program is entertaining for him.  Some days I don’t know if it’s the planes or the music he’s more interested in.

The DVD  is called “Lots and Lots of Jets and Planes”. You may have seen the commercial.  The company that makes it is Marshall Publishing and Promotions, Inc. They offer many more DVDs as well on a variety of moving vehicles, including trucks, which will be my next purchase when the airplane fascination wears thin.  Upon ordering the DVD, it was interesting to find out that the DVDs at this website are parent recommended for children with autism.

So while nothing can replace the real thing for him, the airplane DVD has definitely done the trick when the real thing isn’t showing up fast enough. If your child enjoys the sights and sounds of airplanes, big rig trucks, trains, or cars then might be worth checking out.  They seem to have almost everything.  Now if only they’d make a DVD on helicopters or garbage trucks, they’d make my day. Or should I say his day. Then again, I haven’t checked the website in a few hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have helicopter and garbage truck DVDs available by now 🙂


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