Summer Support and Social Group Workshops for Special Needs Families

A good friend of mine, and fellow autism mommy, recently pointed out an exciting, upcoming workshop being offered for parents and caregivers of children with special needs. The workshop is free and 1 hour long. It will offer caregivers an opportunity to share and better understand their feelings as well as build community with other caregivers who know exactly where you’re coming from. As any parent/caregiver will tell you, having as many extra support systems as possible is very healing and very important, and often hard to find. So when such a workshop opens up, it’s worth looking into. This workshop will be offered twice — once on Sunday, July 29th at 2 pm, and a second time on July 31st at 7 pm, at the Market Street Center for Psychotherapy in the Hotel Whitcomb (1231 Market Street, Suite 810, San Francisco, California 94103). It will be facilitated by Antonietta Delli Carpini, MA who has over 5 years of experience working with special needs children and their families. To learn more about Antonietta, please visit http://www.antoniettadellicarpini.comTo RSVP for this free workshop, call (415) 431-3466 ext. 1. Participants are also welcomed to sign up for weekly support groups being offered by the facilitator.

In addition to the parent workshop, Antonietta is offering Summer Social Skills Groups for Autistic and ADHD Children and Adolescents. These fun, interactive, drama therapy based groups are designed to improve communication skills, improve attention, build friendship making skills, and address many other important social and emotional skills. The groups offer curriculums specifically tailored to the social skills and age ranges of the participants. To find out more about these groups, or to register, please refer to the website and phone number listed above.

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