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East Bay Music Together

Last week I started East Bay Music Together with both of my kids, and it was AMAZING.

I have two kids.  One is three and a half, and the other just turned one.  My oldest has been a busy extra-curricular bee.  In those three and a half years she’s tackled two and a half years of gym class, many sessions of swim lessons, a few soccer classes, an attempt at karate, an attempt at piano, and ballet and tap.  My poor second child has had zero extra-curricular activities in the last year, although for awhile I was hoping he was sort of absorbing the songs sung at her gym class and maybe thinking they were for him.  Maybe?

East Bay Music Together is just the ticket, especially if you have more than one child that you would like to participate.  Geared towards all ages from tiny babies up to the preschooler set, this class had both of my kids participating, giggling and having a great time.

Parents sing along (eek) with the teacher to all of the songs, and it was explained early on in class how important it is for your child to see you participating.  Since I’m not thinking it’s likely I’ll be discovered REAL soon as the next recording talent, I was a little hesitant about all of the parental singing but quickly overcame this fear in the comfortable setting and jammed right along with all of the other caregivers in attendance.  Hopefully I didn’t hurt any ears as I bopped along.

The class included singing, dancing, the teacher playing instruments for the group, the kids drumming with drum sticks, dancing MORE with scarves, and shaking it out at the end with a wide selection of musical instruments that the kids chose themselves.  Even better was leaving the class with a book of the songs (practice for mom) and a CD that we have basically burned a hole in it’s been requested so many times in our car.

Nine more weeks to go, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store!  Click here for more information on East Bay Music Together and sign up to start jamming!

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