Helping Our Kids Fly

I am so grateful for people who choose to go above and beyond to help our children. The teachers, the therapists, the family members, the counselors, the lady at the store, the neighbor, the relative across country, the friend — basically anyone who finds a way in their already busy lives to do a little more than was expected. Simply because their heart told them to do it, so they listened and followed.

I came across a story about a doctor in Pennsylvania, Wendy Ross, who was so concerned about the challenges that children with autism face when attempting to ride an airplane, that she founded the program AIR (Autism Inclusion Resources). This program partners with United Airlines to assist children with autism in becoming familiar with the airport process so they won’t be as frightened or upset when it comes time to take an actual flight. It allows the children and their families to experience mock check in scenarios, boarding situations, and the like, so they are hopefully more comfortable with airports and flying. As most parents in this situation already know, the lines, the sounds, the tight quarters, and the security checks are all things that can potentially upset our children and make it difficult, if not impossible at times, for them to fly.

Dr. Ross’ AIR program is truly a gift and more information can be found on this program at

I personally am so grateful to have found this information. My concern for how my son might react has kept me from taking him on a plane. Now this gives me hope that he may actually get a chance to take more trips and see a whole lot more of this beautiful world.


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