Nicolle lives in Lafayette, CA with her husband and two little boys; one is two and the other is five. They spend their time swimming, gardening, and making stuff. They like to sew, use art supplies, and explore the tools in the garage and kitchen. They used to live in Berkeley, and Nicolle also works as a bookkeeper part time for small businesses (very part time- the boys keep her very busy!). When she is not with the boys or blogging, Nicolle enjoys Bikram Yoga, HIIT, and reading about the nutrition and food, and the occasional novel. Nicolle also blogs at Nicolle's Originals.

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Contact Paper Flower Keeper Frame

We were looking through a kids’ activity idea book and found this one: keeping flowers inside contact paper.

We cut two sheets of contact paper to the same size, then cut a piece of construction paper as the frame.  We could have decorated it at this point.


Then we opened one piece of paper, put the frame on it, put some flower petals inside, and a few leaves, then the other sheet of paper on top made a sandwich.


To hang it, we used a hole punch and ribbon, and hung it in the window.  I think it turned out really nicely.



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