More Than a Diagnosis

These are just a few words that describe my child…..

Funny. Mischievous. Smart. Quiet. Sometimes Loud.

Sometimes In Between. Kindhearted.  Athletic. Peaceful.

Sensitive. Sometimes Fearless. Sometimes A Little Afraid.

Curious. Free Spirited. Brown-Eyed. Nonjudgmental.

Affectionate. Not A Morning Person. Has Autism. Shy.

Unique. Observant. A Good Listener. A Music Lover.

Happy. Giggly. Visually Oriented. A Good ‘Detective’.

A Good Student. A Great ‘Teacher’. Brave. Silly.

But Sometimes Serious. Adventurous. A Good Brother.

A Good Friend.  A Fan Of Fruit And All Things Chocolate…………….


Having autism is just one aspect of who he is, it’s not all that he is.  The same can be said for every child with autism. They are as unique and multifaceted as any other human being on the planet. And there is so much good our world can learn from them.





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