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Make Mother’s Day a Real “Mother’s” Day

After spending the evening with some dear friends the other night I realized something BIG about Mother’s Day. It may not truly be “Mother’s” Day.

As a stay-at-home mom of two preschoolers I  am blessed with spending most of the day with my children. They are fun, energetic, and loving. But they do fight, argue with me, can sometimes seem unappreciative, and can basically stress me out. There are days when bedtime could not come soon enough.

I know I am not alone. Whether you work outside the home or not our kids can be challenging at times. They can wear us down even when at their cutest.

So, if asked what your ideal Mother’s Day would be what would you choose? Is it selfish to want to spend the day alone at the spa being pampered? Isn’t it our day?

Society guilts us into feeling as though we should spend the entire day with our family.  While this is enjoyable (maybe?) we want some alone time too. When was the last time you used the restroom without being interrupted or enjoyed a quiet uninterrupted lunch? Mother’s Day is a day for moms to be celebrated. We should be rewarded for all our hard, not very glam, work.

So this year I challenge all moms to take some time out for themselves on Sunday. Go to brunch or dinner with your crew, but carve out some time for a selfish indulgence. Go to the spa, meet a fellow mom for a glass of champagne, or go on a quiet jog.

A necklace is nice, chocolates are tasty, but we want alone time. Am I wrong???

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