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Judgments of a Mommy

We have all done it.  Yet we all hate it.  Mommy judging.  You know what I am talking about…the thoughts that race through our mind when we see a 3-year-old with a bottle, or a kid chatting away behind a pacifier.  Or better yet the mom feeding her kid non-organic strawberries.  Gasp!!

Must we really judge?  All mom’s wake up with the same feelings each morning.  You may think, “Today is the day I ensure my kids eat a full serving or vegetables!”,  “I will not lose my patience with my child today!”, or “I will engage with my children all day and be the best Lego builder ever!”

Now if you are the mom that really DOES do all of the above and still manages to rock a fab blow-out then I commend you.  Quite frankly I am envious of you.  If not, then you have no right to judge other moms.  No, I am not scolding, just being honest.

When our son was on a 28-day cycle of steroids as part of his chemo regime he got extremely bloated.  That might even be an understatement.  Frankly, he was huge.  I will never forget a trip our family took to a waterfront restaurant.  Preston proceeded to eat an entire batch of gooey, greasy macaroni and cheese followed by an full ice-cream sundae.  I know what people were thinking.  We saw the stares in our direction.  They wondered how parents with an overweight son could allow him to eat such fattening fare.  What they didn’t know was that he traditionally didn’t eat like that, and had just recently been diagnosed with cancer.  We could have cared less if he ordered a second sundae.

I know I have been judged with my daughter as well.  Rylie has a sense of style that is all her own.  She can rock a pair of striped  leggings with a plaid Hello Kitty dress like no other.  No, I don’t dress this way, but she likes it.  And if I have to pick a battle with her it is not going to be about her brave fashion statements.  And yes, her hair is not brushed and is in her eyes.  Yet again just getting her out the door is hard enough.  Hair is the least of my concerns.

You never know what might be going on with the mother you are judging.  The next time you see a mom texting like a crazy woman while ignoring her baby on the swing, stop and think.  Quite possibly she just found out her husband wants a divorce, or she lost her job.  As hard as it can be I ask you to refrain from the judgments at least for today.  Besides, don’t think you are not being judged while  you are caught buying a pack of Annie’s Gummies just to make it through the Target check-out  line!

Mommy Judgments

Mommy Judgments

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