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The Big K – Kindergarten


Here we are two weeks out from my son, Preston’s, first day of kindergarten. I am not sure who is more anxious, me or him. I have prepared myself with a pretty pink packet of Kleenex and a camera. Have I prepared him enough? I stuck to four simple lessons in an attempt.

Lesson One:   Preston attended a variety of camps this summer. I set up most of the camps with friends, but he didn’t always have a friend attending with him. He was forced to meet new children, form friendships, adjust to different rules, and new authority figures. This went pretty well. The look on Preston’s face when I turned around to leave each day was heartbreaking, however. Or maybe it was me having the heartbreak?

Lesson Two: Preston had the chance to go to his new school for seven days of camp activities. He met the staff and got familiar with the campus. Driving into the parking lot on the first day of camp he started to complain that his tummy hurt – his “go to” symptom for getting out of something he doesn’t want to do. I almost turned the car around and went home. But, I stuck my ground and made him go. Mean mommy, I know. School is mandatory and I didn’t want Preston to think he would get away with it once the academic year started. I did get a call from the office that he was complaining of a tummy ache on day four. Interestingly enough when his sister and I came to pick him up in the office he said, “Mom, can we go get some cupcakes?” Fake it much?

Lesson Three: We went back to school shopping. I let Preston pick out a brand new lunchbox and backpack. I had been coveting a baseball decorated backpack from PBK and was excited to show it to him.  He had another idea. He picked a very loud and hideous WWE backpack. And he has never seen the show. I took a deep breath and let him buy it figuring if he was excited about the backpack he would be excited to go to school. I have to hide my embarrassment, but I guess that is what moms do.

Lesson Four: We have been pumping up kindergarten at home. We have a variety of books that have anything from Ninjas to dinosaurs starting in a new school and having a blast. The books reference the activities and rules associated with kindergarten. Hopefully this helps to ease in the transition. Hey, if a Ninja can like school can’t Preston?NINJA

So on September 8 we will be armed with a wrestling backpack, brand new Nikes, and Mommy’s pretty tissues. I have a feeling I won’t be able to drive home through all the tears I will shed. Hmmmmm, maybe I should have prepared myself a little better….


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  1. C.T. Morris 08/28/2014 at 11:12 am

    Such a lovely and responsible mama. 🙂