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Am I Disappointing Everyone?

By jessykaosicka

When I became a mother I was so intent on making everyone happy. I wanted to be the June Cleaver of my generation. I had stopped working as an elementary school teacher and figured with all the new time on my hands with a newborn (Ha!) I could do it all. Make a new and healthy recipe each night, no ... Read More

Nikon School: Mom's Night Out

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

Tired of not really knowing how to use your camera? How about catching your kids doing something absolutely adorable and the end result is shadowy faces and a blur where your toddler’s face should have been? It’s time for Mom’s Night Out on May 14 presented by Nikon School. This class is de... Read More

Bad Mommy?

By jessykaosicka

Am I a good mom? I don't know, but I do my best. I keep them clean, fed, and socially active. I make sure they go to school, brush their teeth, and I check their homework. I encourage healthy relationships, healthy eating, and teach them not to talk to strangers. But if you caught me at Target t... Read More

Making a Disneyland Visit Even More Magical

By Findery

Over the summer I was lucky enough to get a chance to introduce my children to Disneyland for the very first time. It was a truly magical experience – 8 amazing hours filled with non-stop go, go, go and gape, gape, gape. We’ll be going back soon. This time, however, I might prep a little more be... Read More

Better Chocolate Options for This Halloween in the Bay Area

By Findery

Put down the mini Snickers bar. Take your hand out of the bag of Reeses. I know the temptation is strong at this time of year, but do you really want to waste your daily calorie allotment on sub-par treats? Come now. We’re grown-ups. We have mature taste buds. We should be rewarding them wi... Read More

Bay Area Moms Find A New Way To "Party"

By jessykaosicka

Everyone loves a party, but we don't always want our guests to bring us a gift. As Emily Post wrote, "Although it seems odd that there is a "prohibition" against asking people not to bring you gifts when all you are trying to do is be thoughtful, there is a reason. The moment you mention gifts,... Read More

Take A Trip Down The Coast With Me: 5 Must See Stops on Highway 1

By Findery

Oh California, land of the majestic redwoods, rampant micro climates, and, of course, the legendary Highway 1. Why legendary? Well, I think it’s because it offers vistas and mysteries that go beyond anything that a person could discover on any single given trip down the coast. So much of what m... Read More

Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch

By jessykaosicka

October is not complete without our family visiting the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch. The tradition started when our first born was only three months old. Okay, so maybe he didn't enjoy it as much as we did, but the pictures we got were priceless. Who doesn't love a pic of a baby in a cauldron?! ... Read More

Are You Eating Year-Old Apples?

By Shanti

My kids and I recently went on a field trip to a local orchard. While we were there, we got to sample fresh peaches, apples & apple juice. They were so sweet and flavorful, and made me question why they were so much tastier than even the “organic” apples I buy at the store. ... Read More

Paleo Mason Jar Brownies

By Shanti

My recipe for Skillet Brownies are by far one of my family's favorite dessert recipes. If you eat pretty clean, you probably miss those brownie mixes in the red box…that rhyme with “Retty Drocker.” I used to make those all the time before we changed our diet. But I haven’t missed the... Read More