Nikon School: Mom’s Night Out

By Shannon Breuner Nelson

Tired of not really knowing how to use your camera? How about catching your kids doing something absolutely adorable and the end result is shadowy faces and a blur where your toddler’s face should have been? It’s time for Mom’s Night Out on May 14 presented by Nikon School. This class is de... Read More

Making a Kid’s Halloween Costume

By Allison Randall

It’s about that time to figure out those Halloween costumes.  Perhaps you go to the store and buy something—the latest Disney princess or movie superhero costume.  Maybe y... Read More

BOB Stroller Console Repair

By nicollerosenberg

You know I love the BOB Stroller.  So when it came time for a double stroller, it was a no-brainer to go with BOB again (the Revolution Dualie). You probably also know you have to buy the "console" separately.  This is the piece where your water bottle and phone go when you are out and a... Read More

Contact Paper Flower Keeper Frame

By nicollerosenberg

We were looking through a kids' activity idea book and found this one: keeping flowers inside contact paper. We cut two sheets of contact paper to the same size, then cut a piece of construction paper as the frame.  We could have decorated it at this point.   Then we opened one piece o... Read More

Preschooler Activity: Actual Beading

By nicollerosenberg

We went to the bead store and my 4.5 year old has been beading like crazy.  He made me these earrings yesterday.  They are on metal sticks, then an earring hoop, and I did the last step of twisting the metal around the slot in the hoop.  He is totally capable of beading on these posts and regular... Read More