Saying Sorry– Do you make your kids do it?

By Allison Randall

Should we makes our kids say sorry?  At what age do they know what an apology is all about? I had an interesting experience at the park the other day.  When we go to the park, it looks like this: my kindergartner runs around the playground, and I keep half an ear out for her voice and glanc... Read More

Rainbow Loom

By Stephanie Porter

If you haven't already heard of Rainbow Loom, you've probably seen elementary and middle school kids sporting some cool bracelets made out of colorful, tiny, rubber bands. Rainbow ... Read More

Assistive Technology Lending Library

By Karen Faciane

Support for Families with Disabilities (  has announced a new Assistive Communication Technology/ iPad Lending Program. Beginning this Fall 2013 (exact date to be announced---check website for details), the program will begin holding information workshops for caregivers t... Read More

Gluten and Your Child’s Brain Function

By kimrice

There is no doubt in our household that digestion and brain function are intimately connected.  It's almost as though there is a straight wire from our gut to our brain. I've witnessed the effects of various foods on our overall health time and time again. I now know through our family's healing jo... Read More

More Than a Diagnosis

By Karen Faciane

These are just a few words that describe my child..... Funny. Mischievous. Smart. Quiet. Sometimes Loud. Sometimes In Between. Kindhearted.  Athletic. Peaceful. Sensitive. Sometimes Fearless. Sometimes A Little Afraid. Curious. Free Spirited. Brown-Eyed. Nonjudgmental. Affectionate. Not A Morn... Read More

The “Maybe” Campaign and Early Autism Diagnosis

By Karen Faciane

As many already know, autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, affecting 1 child in every 88 births and 1 in 54 boys. It is also commonly diagnosed much later in African American and Hispanic children with their average diagnosis age being between 4-5 years old. Knowing that autism can... Read More

Maker Camp

By Stephanie Porter

Oh my goodness. Maker Camp started Monday, July 8th. Are you in?   Maker Camp is a free, virtual summer camp for teens July 8th - August 16th. Maker Camp is sponsored by Make Magazi... Read More

Restaurant Survival Strategies

By nicollerosenberg

Going to a restaurant isn't always a walk in the park with kids.  We do better in certain restaurants than others, and have always (well, post-kids always) chosen restaurants which have key features like booths or crayons.  Booths are so the kid isn't confined and crayons are for entertainment. ... Read More

Connecting the Dots Between Food and Children’s Behavior

By kimrice

It took a dramatic awakening for me to begin to pay attention to what my child was eating and what was manifesting in his body and behavior. It took an autism diagnosis. I was very fortunate that a year earlier I had changed my diet dramatically and healed my body on many levels so therefore I was v... Read More

The Challenges and Joys of Strong-Willed Kids

By jessicalaversin

I have a strong-willed four-and-a-half-year-old. There, I said it! I’ve resisted saying (out loud, anyway) that my son is strong-willed, spirited, or however you want to put it, because I’m not a fan of labels in general; also, I think I used to assume that strong-willed was just a euphemism for... Read More