Am I Disappointing Everyone?

By jessykaosicka

When I became a mother I was so intent on making everyone happy. I wanted to be the June Cleaver of my generation. I had stopped working as an elementary school teacher and figured with all the new time on my hands with a newborn (Ha!) I could do it all. Make a new and healthy recipe each night, no ... Read More

Bad Mommy?

By jessykaosicka

Am I a good mom? I don't know, but I do my best. I keep them clean, fed, and socially active. I make sure they go to school, brush their teeth, and I check their homework. I encourage healthy relationships, healthy eating, and teach them not to talk to strangers. But if you caught me at Target t... Read More

Making a Disneyland Visit Even More Magical

By Findery

Over the summer I was lucky enough to get a chance to introduce my children to Disneyland for the very first time. It was a truly magical experience – 8 amazing hours filled with non-stop go, go, go and gape, gape, gape. We’ll be going back soon. This time, however, I might prep a little more be... Read More

Bay Area Moms Find A New Way To “Party”

By jessykaosicka

Everyone loves a party, but we don't always want our guests to bring us a gift. As Emily Post wrote, "Although it seems odd that there is a "prohibition" against asking people not to bring you gifts when all you are trying to do is be thoughtful, there is a reason. The moment you mention gifts,... Read More

Take A Trip Down The Coast With Me: 5 Must See Stops on Highway 1

By Findery

Oh California, land of the majestic redwoods, rampant micro climates, and, of course, the legendary Highway 1. Why legendary? Well, I think it’s because it offers vistas and mysteries that go beyond anything that a person could discover on any single given trip down the coast. So much of what m... Read More

Are You Eating Year-Old Apples?

By Shanti

My kids and I recently went on a field trip to a local orchard. While we were there, we got to sample fresh peaches, apples & apple juice. They were so sweet and flavorful, and made me question why they were so much tastier than even the “organic” apples I buy at the store. ... Read More

The Big K – Kindergarten

By jessykaosicka

Here we are two weeks out from my son, Preston's, first day of kindergarten. I am not sure who is more anxious, me or him. I have prepared myself with a pretty pink packet of Kleenex and a camera. Have I prepared him enough? I stuck to four simple lessons in an attempt. Lesson One:   Presto... Read More

Judgments of a Mommy

By jessykaosicka

We have all done it.  Yet we all hate it.  Mommy judging.  You know what I am talking about...the thoughts that race through our mind when we see a 3-year-old with a bottle, or a kid chatting away behind a pacifier.  Or better yet the mom feeding her kid non-organic strawberries.  Gasp!! Mus... Read More

How To Help A Friend In Need

By jessykaosicka

In June 2012, our almost-three-year-old son was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Finding out he had cancer was the hardest day of my life. Many people ask me what they can do for a friend in a similar situation, for someone that needs emotional or physical support.  Family is expected to help out (tho... Read More

Make Mother’s Day a Real “Mother’s” Day

By jessykaosicka

After spending the evening with some dear friends the other night I realized something BIG about Mother's Day. It may not truly be "Mother's" Day. As a stay-at-home mom of two preschoolers I  am blessed with spending most of the day with my children. They are fun, energetic, and loving. But they... Read More