Are You Eating Year-Old Apples?

By Shanti

My kids and I recently went on a field trip to a local orchard. While we were there, we got to sample fresh peaches, apples & apple juice. They were so sweet and flavorful, and made me question why they were so much tastier than even the “organic” apples I buy at the store. ... Read More

Apple oatmeal cookies

By amandabranham

Apples. I always buy them with the intention of eating them as a healthy snack. Then I end up forgetting about them and they always go bad. Finally, I have a solution to the problem! Last month, I went to Apple Hill in Placerville and saw that they sold apple butter. Always interested in trying ne... Read More

2012 Apple Hill Season

By Stephanie Porter

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Living in the Sacramento region, nothing celebrates the harvest as well as a visit to the 2012 Apple Hill Season.     Acres upon acres of ap... Read More