Better Chocolate Options for This Halloween in the Bay Area

By Findery

Put down the mini Snickers bar. Take your hand out of the bag of Reeses. I know the temptation is strong at this time of year, but do you really want to waste your daily calorie allotment on sub-par treats? Come now. We’re grown-ups. We have mature taste buds. We should be rewarding them wi... Read More

Making a Kid’s Halloween Costume

By Allison Randall

It’s about that time to figure out those Halloween costumes.  Perhaps you go to the store and buy something—the latest Disney princess or movie superhero costume.  Maybe y... Read More

Trick or Treat at Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek

By Allison Randall

Trick-or-treating in Walnut Creek with one-stop shopping and treating at Broadway Plaza on Halloween from 5:30pm- 7pm at participating retailers.  The salespeople dress up and hand out candy and everyone gets to see and be seen in their creative costumes.  While the kiddos are collecting treats f... Read More

Funderland Amusement Park

By Stephanie Porter

I've lived in the Sacramento area since 2003. My oldest daughter was born in 2004, and it was just this year, in 2012 that our family discovered Funderland Amusement Park for my youngest daughter's sixth birthday party. [caption id="attachment_5009" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Happy ... Read More

Halloween at Danville’s Livery

By Allison Randall

Fun for the kiddos and shopping for the parents this Halloween weekend can all be found at Danville's Livery shopping center this Saturday, October 27th from 11am to 3pm.  So put on those clever costumes (okay, maybe just the kids) and come on down for a great family event.  They’ll have classi... Read More

Building Social Skills on Halloween

By Karen Faciane

It's that time of year again when our little ones will be dressing up and stuffing their candy bags to the brim. And us parents will be on our usual costume design, traffic patrol, and candy check duties. Aaaah -- Halloween is here!--- in less than three weeks. Remembering my son's 'trick or trea... Read More

Halloween When I Was Growing Up

By Allison Randall

"Now, when I was your age," I'll tell my daughter, right before I cringe inwardly and then give myself mental whiplash as I try to stick to my guns, "we didn't eat all our Halloween candy at once." Really.  Halloween at my house when I was growing up meant homemade costumes that we helped construc... Read More

Marshmallow Ghost Pops – A Homemade Halloween Treat

By katie fries

A few weeks ago my family took a fall trip to Disneyland. I love Disneyland in the fall -- I love the decorations, the lighter crowds and, of course, the seasonal food items that are only available during Halloweentime. Some my sons' favorite Disneyland treats are the chocolate covered marshmallows ... Read More

Have a gluten-free Halloween

By katie fries

As the parent of a gluten-free child, Halloween always makes me a little nervous. With so many treats coming from so many sources, it isn't always easy to tell at first glance which treats ... Read More