Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch

By jessykaosicka

October is not complete without our family visiting the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch. The tradition started when our first born was only three months old. Okay, so maybe he didn't enjoy it as much as we did, but the pictures we got were priceless. Who doesn't love a pic of a baby in a cauldron?! ... Read More

Apple oatmeal cookies

By amandabranham

Apples. I always buy them with the intention of eating them as a healthy snack. Then I end up forgetting about them and they always go bad. Finally, I have a solution to the problem! Last month, I went to Apple Hill in Placerville and saw that they sold apple butter. Always interested in trying ne... Read More

Double the Pumpkin, Double the Fun with Pumpkin Recipes

By amandabranham

Fall is hands-down my favorite season. The weather is just perfect and our backyard is covered in beautiful leaves every morning. All of the cozy clothes come out, and blankets are always a must. There are soups cooking in the slow cooker, and it's finally not too hot to bake something delicious. ... Read More

Halloween at Danville’s Livery

By Allison Randall

Fun for the kiddos and shopping for the parents this Halloween weekend can all be found at Danville's Livery shopping center this Saturday, October 27th from 11am to 3pm.  So put on those clever costumes (okay, maybe just the kids) and come on down for a great family event.  They’ll have classi... Read More